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My research focuses on using information on molecular genetic processes to improve evolutionary tree-building (phylogenetics). My lab works at the interface between theory and observations to test newly proposed phylogenetic tree-building models and methods. We use phylogenetic trees to answer questions related to the origin, spread, maintenance, and documentation of biological diversity.

The ultimate goal of my group is to understand speciation, biogeography and interactions at species' contact zones. The information we produce is valuable for taxonomy and conservation biology. This work has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, The Fulbright Foundation, The National Geographic Society, the New Zealand Marsden Fund, and the University of Connecticut over the past 30 years. The success of my work has been facilitated by the dedication of many postdoctoral researchers, and graduate/undergraduate students whose names are contained in the author-lists of my publications and on my website.

Chris Simon

News (since January 2018)

Diane at Frontiers

April 13th Diane presents a poster at Frontiers.

April 8th Diler gets a Society of Systematic Biology travel grant to go to Evolution in France. Congrats Diler!

March 30th Johnny and Diane present at the Connecticut Entomology Society meeting. Diane gets third place...congrats Diane!

March 9th Diler and Eric go to New Zealand and meet up with Dave Marshall on the South Island to snag some cicadas. View photos here!

February 11th Chris goes to annual New Zealand phylogenomics meeting in Portobello.

(Yesenia Carrero/UConn Illustration)

January 23rd John, Dave and Kathy's paper on parasite manipulation of Magicicada is published. Press release


January 3rd Chris and Eric join Jeffrey Cole for a trip to Chile and Argentina to catch cicadas for two weeks. You can view some photos of the trip on our media page.

January 1st Eric Gordon joins the lab.